Rule of the Week (Upper Ottawa Valley Minor Hockey League)

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HEO Rule of the Week

Hockey Eastern Ontario presents each week an Officiating Program series highlighting Hockey Canada rules to provide education to players, coaches, officials, volunteers, and spectators. 

Some people may feel that these videos are only for officials, but truly they are a benefit to coaches and spectators alike as understating the rules will ensure that people not wearing the stripes accept and understand why a call was (or was not) made.

Links to the videos will be added as they are released by HEO and you may also consider subscribing to the YouTube channel: Sean Tobin 

Rule of the Week - 8: Procedure for Conducting a Penalty Shot

Rule of the Week - 7: Refusal to Start Play

Rule of the Week - 6: Fighting (Part 1)

Rule of the Week - 5: Criteria for Penalty Shots (Part 2) - Game Scenarios that Call for a Penalty Shot

Rule of the Week - 4: Boarding

Rule of the Week - 3: Kneeing

Rule of the Week - 2: Criteria for Calling a Penalty Shot when a Player is on a Breakaway

Rule of the Week - 1: Criteria for Physical Fouls